The Spacefarer’s Handbook: Science and Life Beyond Earth 

The Spacefarer's Handbook: Science and Life Beyond Earth pdf

Book Description:

Serves as a practical guide to spaceflight
Full of anecdotes and tips for those planning their space adventure
brings a wealth of new information about what space travelers experience in weightlessness.
It features the latest scientific findings on humans in space and space technology.
Written for general space enthusiasts, this book will also provide science fiction readers and writers with a better understanding of space flight.

Now is the time to fly to space! New technological developments, the commercialization of spaceflight, and advances in space medicine have made human space travel more attainable. This entertaining but authoritative book gives a practical introduction to space travel from a number of viewpoints: how spacecraft are built; how to steer and navigate them, instructions for a comfortable everyday life in space; and a guide to remaining healthy and robust in weightlessness. The Spacefarer’s Handbook contains advice, tips, and anecdotes to prepare readers for their trip to space. At the same time, it does not lose the scientific perspective on spaceflight. The authors, physicists, and space medicine specialists explain the underlying concepts rigorously and include recent research findings. From the operating principles of rocket engines, via bone loss in weightlessness, to the methane lakes of Titan, this book contains everything aspiring spacefarers need to know! It also serves as an excellent resource, beyond general space enthusiasts, for science fiction readers and writers looking for a better foundation in space flight.

“Highly recommended for everyone who wants to fly to space and all passengers of our mothership, Earth!”
Hans Schlegel, ESA Astronaut


The Spacefarer’s Handbook: Science and Life Beyond Earth PDF

Author(s): Bergita Ganse; Urs Ganse

Series: Springer-Praxis books in Space Exploration

Publisher: Springer-Verlag, Year: 2020

ISBN: 9783662617014


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