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Over the past few decades, cultural theorists have examined the role of travel in spatial definition and noted its significance in the constant exchange and interaction between cultures. While travel has also been the subject of architectural research, particularly concerning the work of internationalist architects of the early 20th century, deeper issues of travel, such as mapping, displacement, foreignness, and otherness, have been largely neglected in architectural theory. This book brings architectural thinking in line with the cultural theory debates and argues that, rather than architecture being “rooted” to place as has traditionally been asserted, border crossings and cross-cultural encounters have always been a prevailing paradigm of the spatial conceptualization, representation, and production of space. It brings together case studies ranging from those between Japan and Europe in the period of early modernity, to central Europe and the Mediterranean within the framework of modern architecture, and to the USA and the European East in the cold-war era, unveiling (mis)readings and exchanges that are embedded in subsequent cultural productions. It also addresses the influence of globalization on contemporary urban design and architecture, examining the impact of immigration on metropolitan environments and the spread of signature architectural practices throughout the world. In doing so, “Travel, Space, Architecture” promotes an original understanding of architecture as a practice concerned with a realm much broader than building and of travel’s influence on designing and producing spatial conceptions and forms.

Table of contents :

Cover……Page 1
Contents……Page 7
I Preface……Page 9
II For a Theory of Travel in Architectural Studies……Page 11
III Introduction to Travel,Space, Architecture……Page 34
1 New Vision and a New World Order……Page 53
Great Travel Machines of Sight……Page 55
O Coração Verde (A Green Heart): Travel, Urban Gardens, and Design of Late Colonial Cities in the Southern Hemisphere……Page 71
Nomads and Migrants: A Comparative Reading of Le Corbusier’s and Sedad Eldem’s Travel Diaries……Page 92
Travel-Writing the Design Industry in Modern Japan, 1910–1925……Page 110
Learning from Rome……Page 132
2 Questioning Origins, Searching for Alternatives……Page 153
The Mediterranean Hill Town: A Travel Paradigm……Page 155
Roots or Routes? Exploring a New Paradigm for Architectural Historiography Through the Work of Geoffrey Bawa……Page 174
The American Travels of European Architects, 1958–1973……Page 196
Mobile Architects, Static Ideas: Santiago Calatrava in Athens……Page 154
Evolving Tourist Topographies: The Case of Hue, Vietnam……Page 237
3 Global Mobilities……Page 259
Spatialities of Suitcase Architects……Page 261
Mobility and Immobility in the New Architecture Practice: A Conversation with Hiromi Hosoya and Markus Schaefer……Page 265
Itinerant Perspectives: A Conversation with David Adjaye……Page 280
Asian–Indian Diasporic Networks and Sacred Sites in the Bay Area of California……Page 293
Athens, City of the Displaced: Notes from the Field……Page 311
Emerging Immigrant Clusters in Downtown Athens, 2002–2004……Page 327

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Author(s): Jilly Traganou, Miodrag Mitrasinovic, Jilly Traganou, Miodrag Mitrasinovic

Series: Design and the Built Environment

Publisher: Ashgate, Year: 2009

ISBN: 9780754648277


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