Unmanned Combat Air Systems in Future Warfare 

Unmanned Combat Air Systems in Future Warfare pdf

Book Description:

Control of the air is the foundation for all conventional military operations against an adversary with an air defense capability. Will it be possible for unmanned combat air systems to undertake the tasks and accept most of the risks that, until now, have been a lot of military aviators?

Table of contents :

Front Matter….Pages i-xi
Introduction….Pages 1-4
Research Interviews….Pages 5-16
Overview….Pages 17-36
Unmanned Combat Air Systems: Technical and Legal Challenges….Pages 37-56
The Role of Air and Space Power and Control of the Air….Pages 57-92
The Evolution of Air-to-Air Warfare….Pages 93-110
International Relations and Future Threats….Pages 111-144
Conclusion….Pages 145-152
Back Matter….Pages 153-231



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