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Here available is OBJECTIVE ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY EBOOK. This book is useful for the students of UPSC, IAS, BSc, Engg, Diploma & Other Competitive Exam. Over 2800 objective Questions with answer.

SIZE:- 25.05 MB

PAGE:- 730

TOTAL MCQ:- 2800+


PART:- 1 Basic Electrical Engineering

1. Basic Concept
2. D.C. Circuits
3. Network Theorems
4. Electrical Work, Power & Energy
5. Electrostatic
6. Capacitance
7. Magnetism & Electromagnetism
8. Magnetic Circuits
9. Electromagnetic Induction
10. Chemical Effects of Electric Current
11. Alternating Current
12. Series A.C. Circuits
13. Phasor Algebra
14. Parallel A.C. Circuits
15. Three Phase Circuits
16. Electrical Measuring Instruments

PART-2:- Electrical Machine

17. D.C. Generators
18. D.C. Motors
19. Transformers
20. Three Phase Induction Motors
21. Single Phase Motors
22. Alternators
23. Synchnous Motors

PART-3:- Power System

24. Generation of Electrical Energy
25. Economics of Power Generation
26. Supply System
27. Overhead Lines
28. Distribution of Electric Power
29. Faults In Power System
30. Switchgear
31. Protection of Power System
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Objective Electrical Technology


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