Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB for engineers and scientists Steven C.Chapra

E-book Title : Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB for engineers and scientists
Author(s)  : Steven C.Chapra
Writer   : McGraw Hill
Version      : Third
Pages       : 673
dimension          : 7.45 Mb

E-book Assessment :
Steven Chapra’s Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB e book written for engineering and science college students who must study numerical drawback fixing. Principle is launched to tell key ideas that are framed in functions and demonstrated utilizing MATLAB.

Half one: Modeling, Computer systems, and Error Evaluation
1. Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods, and Downside Fixing
2. MATLAB Fundamentals
3. Programming with MATLAB
4. Roundoff and Truncation Errors
Half two: Roots and Optimization
5. Roots: Bracketing Methods
6. Roots: Open Methods
7. Optimization
Half three: Linear Programs
8. Linear Algebraic Equations and Matrices
9. Gauss Elimination
10. LU Factorization
11. Matrix Inverse and Situation
12. Iterative Methods
13. Eigenvalues
Half 4: Curve Becoming
14. Linear Regression
15. Basic Linear Least-Squares and Nonlinear Regression
16. Fourier Evaluation
17. Polynomial Interpolation
18. Splines and Piecewise Interpolation
Half 5: Integration and Differentiation
19. Numerical Integration Formulation
20. Numerical Integration of Features
21. Numerical Differentiation
Half six: Abnormal Differential Equations
Chapter 22: Preliminary-Worth Issues
Chapter 23: Adaptive Methods and Stiff Programs
Chapter 24: Boundary-Worth Issues




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