Download AUTOMOTIVE TRANSMISSIONS - Fundamentals, Selections, Design and Applications eBook

E-book Title : AUTOMOTIVE TRANSMISSIONS – Fundamentals, Alternatives, Design and Applications
Author(s) : Harald Naunheimer, Bernd Bertsche, Joachim Ryborz, Wolfgang Novak
Writer   : Springer
Version    : Second
Pages       : 742
PDf Measurement   : 68.5 MB

E-book Description:
This eBook offers a full account of the event course of for automotive transmissions. Most important subjects lined on this guide : – Overview of the visitors – automobile – transmission system – Mediating the ability circulate in autos – Deciding on the ratios – Car transmission methods – fundamental design rules – Typical designs of car transmissions – Format and design of necessary elements, e.g. gear shifting mechanisms, moving-off parts, pumps, retarders -Transmission management models – Product improvement course of, Manufacturing know-how of car transmissions, Reliability and testing. AUTOMOTIVE TRANSMISSIONS – Fundamentals, Alternatives, Design and Applications eBook covers guide and computerized transmissions in addition to constantly variable transmissions and hybrid drives for autos.




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