BODY TALK: The Body Language Skills to Decode the Opposite Sex, Detect Lies, and Read Anyone Like a Book pdf free downloadBODY TALK By Patrick King

Learning to listen to BODY TALK is an essential skill that you need right now!

Studies have shown time and time again that the majority of communication we send out to other people, whether intentionally or not, is non-verbal and doesn’t depend on the words we speak. If you’re not up to par in how to interpret everyday body language signals, that means you’re missing a majority of the communications that come your way.

BODY TALK is a journey into exactly how you can read anyone based on almost any movement of any part of their body. And who better than a dating and social skills coach to teach you, someone whose very livelihood depends on navigating constant ambiguous yellow lights! I’ve made it my business to study human interaction, and have broken down specific body parts as well as signs of attraction and lying… let’s face it, sometimes those two are the same!

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