Building Skills in Object-Oriented Design 

Building Skills in Object-Oriented Design PDF

Description of the book

This book will help you learn OO design skills through creating a group of games of moderate complexity (Roulette, Craps, Blackjack). This is a step-by-step guide to OO design and implementation. It is for developers who want to use Python to create efficient programs.
This book uses a First Audience approach. Students learn to design with objects from the very beginning. In more traditional approaches, students first learn “the basics of programming in the context of early-stage procedural programming”. Since this frame of reference is essentially useless when solving large-scale problems, students then have to “relearn how to approach the problem.” Instructors can present material from a “meaningful” perspective throughout the program. programming principles and good engineering easier.
The purpose of this book is to help the beginner designer by providing him with a series of interesting and moderately complex exercises in OO design. This book can also help managers develop a level of comfort with the OO software development process. The applications we will create are beyond the ordinary and will require careful thought and design. Also, since apps are primarily entertaining, they’re fun and engaging. This book allows readers to explore the processes and artifacts of OO design before project deadlines make good design impossible.
Extending basic OOP techniques to increase integration of Python-generated classes
Explore different Python libraries for managing object persistence and serialization
Learn alternative approaches to problem solving programmatically, with different properties to solve your problem.

About Author

Steven F. Lott is a consultant, teacher, author and software developer with over 30 years of experience building software of every kind, from specialized control systems for military hardware to large data warehouses.

Book Contents

Problem Statement
Our Simulation Application
Methodology, Technique and Process
Additional Topics: Non-Functional Requirements
Rework and the Learning Process
Looking Forward
Development Environment
Working Directories
Looking Forward
Python Unit Testing
Using Unit Tests
Python doctest Testing
Handling Dependencies
Looking Forward
Python Documentation
Documentation Development
Using Sphinx
Basic RST Markup
RST Field Markup
Standard Paragraphs
Class Example
Example Sphinx Automodule
Looking Forward

building skills in object-oriented design pdf

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