C++ Programming An Object-Oriented Approach PDF

C++ Programming An Object-Oriented Approach PDF

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C++ Programming An Object-Oriented Approach by Behrouz A. Forouzan and Richard F. Gilberg PDF Free Download

Book Description:

C++ Programming: An Object-Oriented Approach has two primary objectives: Teach the basic principles of programming as outlined in the ACM curriculum for a CS1 class and teach the basic constructs of the C++ language. While C++ is a complex and professional language, experience shows that beginning students can easily understand and use C++. C++ Programming: An Object-Oriented Approach uses a combination of thorough, well-ordered explanations and a strong visual framework to make programming concepts accessible to students. The authors stress incremental program development, wherein program analysis is followed by building a structure chart, constructing UML flow diagrams, writing algorithms, undertaking program design, and finally testing. This foundation, combined with a focus on the benefits of a consistent and well-documented programming style, prepares students to tackle the academic and professional programming challenges they will encounter down the road with confidence.

C++ Programming Contents

  • Chapter 1 Introduction to Computers and Programming Languages
  • Chapter 2 Basics of C++ Programming 
  • Chapter 3 Expressions and Statements 
  • Chapter 4 Selection 
  • Chapter 5 Repetition 
  • Chapter 6 Functions 
  • Chapter 7 User-Defined Types: Classes 
  • Chapter 8 Arrays 
  • Chapter 9 References, Pointers, and Memory Management 
  • Chapter 10 Strings 
  • Chapter 11 Relationships among Classes 
  • Chapter 12 Polymorphism and Other Issues 
  • Chapter 13 Operator Overloading 
  • Chapter 14 Exception Handling 
  • Chapter 15 Generic Programming: Templates
  • Chapter 16 Input/Output Streams
  • Chapter 17 Recursion 
  • Chapter 18 Introduction to Data Structures 
  • Chapter 19 Standard Template Library (STL) 
  • Chapter 20 Design Patterns Available online

Preface to C++ Programming An Object-Oriented Approach

This book complements a course designed to teach object-oriented programming using the syntax of the C++ language. It will also prepare students for advanced concepts such as data structure and design patterns.

Students who have completed this course will be ready to take on any other object-oriented language course, a data-structure course, or a course about design patterns.

What Is the C++ Language?

C++ is a progressive programming language derived from its predecessors, the C language and the B language.

The C++ language expands the idea of a struct to a class in which different objects can be created from one single definition of a class with different values for each data element. Furthermore, the C++ language explores the idea of object-oriented languages that simulate real life.

In real life, we define a type and then we have objects of that type. In the C++ language, we define a class and then we create objects from that class. C++ also includes the idea of inheritance.

In inheritance, we can create a class and then extend the definition to create other classes, just as in real life where the idea of an animal can be extended to create the idea of a horse, a cow, a dog, and so on.

Perhaps the most interesting addition to C++ is the idea of polymorphism. Polymorphism gives us the ability to write several versions of action with the same name to be used by different objects.

This practice is found in real life when we use the verb open. We can say that we open a business, open a can, open a door, and so on. Although the word open is used in all cases, it elicits different actions on different objects.

The most recent additions to C++ include the Standard Template Library (STL), a collection of predefined complex objects and actions that can be applied to those objects, as well as design patterns to make problem-solving more efficient and coherent.

Why C++ Programming PDF Book?

  • The book has five distinctive goals as discussed below.
  • Teach Computer Programming
  • Teach the Syntax of the C++ Language
  • Present New Features of C++
  • Discuss Data Structure and Introduce the STL Library
  • Introduce Design Patterns
  • Course Outline

C++ Programming: An Object-Oriented Approach PDF

Author(s): Behrouz A. Forouzan, Richard Gilberg

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education, Year: 2019

ISBN: 1260547728, 9781260547726

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