Concise Physical Chemistry Donald W. Rogers :: This book is a physical chemistry textbook that presents the essentials of physical chemistry as a logical sequence from its most modest beginning to contemporary research topics. Many books currently on the market focus on the problem sets with a cursory treatment of the conceptual background and theoretical material, whereas this book is concerned only with the conceptual development of the subject.
Comprised of 19 chapters, the book will address ideal gas laws, real gases, the thermodynamics of simple systems, thermochemistry, entropy and the second law, the Gibbs free energy, equilibrium, statistical approaches to thermodynamics, the phase rule, chemical kinetics, liquids and solids, solution chemistry, conductivity, electrochemical cells, atomic theory, wave mechanics of simple systems, molecular orbital theory, experimental determination of molecular structure, and photochemistry and the theory of chemical kinetics.
Book Contents
Ideal Gas Laws
Real Gases: Empirical Equations
The Thermodynamics of Simple Systems
Entropy and the Second Law
The Gibbs Free Energy
A Statistical Approach to Thermodynamics
The Phase Rule
Chemical Kinetics
Liquids and Solids
Solution Chemistry
Coulometry and Conductivity
Electrochemical Cells
Early Quantum Theory: A Summary
Wave Mechanics of Simple Systems
The Variational Method: Atoms
Experimental Determination of Molecular Structure
Classical Molecular Modeling
Quantum Molecular Modeling
Photochemistry and the Theory of Chemical Reactions

Concise Physical Chemistry Donald W. Rogers

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