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Control Systems By U.A.BAKSHI

Control Systems is Gtu book for Gujarat Technological University Electronics Branch Students in Engineering Second Year by U.A.BAKSHI.

Control System Modeling Basic elements of control system – Open loop and closed loop systems – Differential equation – Transfer function, Modeling of electric systems, Translational and rotational mechanical systems – Block diagram reduction techniques – Signal flow graph. Time Response Analysis Time response analysis – First order systems – Impulse and step response analysis of second order systems – Steady state errors – P, PI, PD and PID compensation, Analysis using MATLAB. Frequency Response Analysis Frequency response – Bode plot, Polar plot, Nyquist plot – Frequency domain specifications from the plots – Constant M and N circles – Nichol’s chart – Use of Nichol’s chart in control system analysis. Series, Parallel, Series-parallel compensators – Lead, Lag, and lead lag compensators, Analysis using MATLAB. Stability Analysis Stability, Routh-Hurwitz criterion, Root locus technique, Construction of root locus, Stability, Dominant poles, Application of root locus diagram – Nyquist stability criterion – Relative stability, Analysis using MATLAB. State Variable Analysis and Digital Control Systems State space representation of continuous time systems – State equations – Transfer function from state variable representation – Solutions of the state equations – Concepts of controllability and observability – State space representation for discrete time systems. Sampled data control systems – Sampling theorem – Sample and hold open loop and closed loop sampled data systems.

Control Systems PDF

Author(s): U.A.Bakshi, V.U.Bakshi

Publisher: Technical Publications, Year: 2006

ISBN: 8189411500






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