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Best-selling author Mariah Stewart proved she can take them down with the best when she unleashed the resounding punch of “thriller” horror movies – Dead Wrong, Dead Certain and Dead Even. Now, in her long-awaited hardcover debut, she’s back to wrap up this stunning series with her hottest shot yet.

Two years ago, a major undercover FBI drug case suddenly escalated – and Agent Dylan Shields fell under fire. As the dust cleared, agent (and fiancé) Anne Marie McCall found herself alone with so many unanswered questions and unable to do anything but do the best job she could to ease the pain. pain. It’s just that now she’s started to loosen up her punitive habits as a Bureau records officer and start letting the light come back on. and. Detective Evan Crosby was instrumental in bringing Annie back to life and she wouldn’t pass up the chance to be happy with him.

But before she can embrace a bright new future, she must grapple with a dangerous past whose demons of doubt and doubt won’t let her sleep at night. . . and whose dead will never rest until someone finds out the truth and distributes the refund. It means going where no one – not even the FBI – wants Annie to come and get through the smoke mines and mirrors, politics and intimidation, blows and death threats, so make a case Project hot enough to get the right people. sweat. The more Annie squeezes, the more blood, lies, and betrayal she pours out. . . and the closer she got to the connection between the face and the trigger finger that took away her dream – and Dylan Shields. What she doesn’t know is that the killer she’s getting closer to is also finding a way to move on. The kind that only Annie’s death can bring.


Mariah Stewart’s Praise
Dead Wrong
“Fast-paced and complex, Stewart’s new novel combines lovable characters with a unique premise, adding unexpected romance to the combination and ending. combined with her exceptional talent for keeping readers awake at night.”
–Library Journal
Definitely Dead
“Cracks of danger and suspense. Great personality and compelling drama make Stewart’s books “hot”.
–Romantic Times (4-star review) – This text refers to the mass edition.

About Author

Mariah Stewart is the best-selling author of many novels and short stories. She was a RITA Finalist for Romantic Suspense and the recipient of the Excellence Award for Contemporary Romance, the International Critics’ Organization (RIO) Award for Excellence in Women’s Fiction, and the Award for Excellence in Women’s Fiction. critic-selected from Romantic Times magazine. Born in Hightstown, New Jersey, she has three times received a Gold Leaf Award and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the New Jersey Romance Writers, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Stewart is a member of Valley Forge Romance Writers, New Jersey Romance Writers and Romance Writers of America. She lives with her husband, two daughters, and two golden retrievers in the midst of the rolling hills of Chester County, Pennsylvania. –This text refers to the mass version.


Dead End

Author(s): Stewart, Mariah

Series: Dead 4

Publisher: Random House Publishing Group, Year: 2005

ISBN: 9780345486370

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