Design Methodologies for Secure Embedded Systems :: Content: Towards Co-design of HW/SW/Analog Systems Christoph Grimm, Markus Damm, and Jan HaaseA Flexible Hierarchical Approach for Controlling the System-Level Design Complexity of Embedded Systems Stephan KlausSide-Channel Analysis – Mathematics Has Met Engineering Survey of Methods to Improve Side-Channel Resistance on Partial Reconfigurable Platforms Marc St¨ottinger, Sunil Malipatlolla, and Qizhi Tian Multicast Rekeying: Performance Evaluation Abdulhadi Shoufan and Tolga Arul Robustness Analysis of Watermark Verification Techniques for FPGA Netlist Cores Daniel Ziener, Moritz Schmid, and J¨urgen Teich Efficient and Flexible Co-processor for Server-Based Public Key Cryptography Applications Ralf Laue Cellular-Array Implementations of Bio-inspired Self-healing Systems State of the Art and Future Perspectives  Andr´e Seffrin and Alexander Biedermann Combined Man-in-the-Loop and Software-in-the-Loop Simulation: Electronic Stability Program for Trucks on the Daimler Driving Simulator Uwe Baake and Klaus W¨ust Secure Beamforming for Weather Hazard Warning Application in Car-to-X Communication Hagen St¨ubing and Attila Jaeger

Design Methodologies for Secure Embedded Systems

Title :             Design Methodologies for Secure Embedded Systems
Editor :          Alexander Biedermann and H. Gregor Molter(Eds.)
Edition :         N/A
Publisher :     Springer
Length :         215 pages
Size :              4 MB
Language:      English


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