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Digital Integrated Circuits Analysis and Design by John E. Ayers


Digital Integrated Circuits Analysis and Design by John E. Ayers | PDF Free Download.

Contents of Digital Integrated Circuits PDF

  • Introduction to Digital Integrated Circuits
  • Semiconductor Supplies
  • Diodes
  • Bipolar Junction Transistors
  • Transistor–Transistor Logic
  • Emitter-Coupled Logic
  • Area-Impact Transistors
  • NMOS Logic
  • CMOS Logic
  • Low-Energy CMOS Logic
  • BiCMOS Logic
  • GaAs Direct-Coupled FET Logic
  • Interfacing between Digital Logic Circuits
  • Interconnect
  • Bistable Circuits
  • Digital Reminiscences
  • Design and Format
  • Integrated Circuit Packages

Preface to Digital Integrated Circuits PDF

No discipline of enterprise at the moment is extra dynamic or difficult than that of digital built-in circuits.

Because the invention of the built-in circuit in 1958, our skill to pack transistors on a single chip of silicon has doubled roughly each 18 months, as described by “Moore’s regulation.”

As a consequence, the performance and efficiency of digital built-in circuits have improved geometrically with time.

This exponential progress is unprecedented in another trade or phase of the world economic system, and has revolutionized the best way we dwell and work.

Due to its very nature, the sector of digital built-in circuits has quickly outrun the quite a few good books accessible on the subject.

In response, some authors have adopted the method of narrowing the main focus to a single subfield, with the objective of masking an ever-increasing wealth of expertise.

None, nonetheless, has made a transparent transition to the fashionable multidisciplinary observe of digital built-in circuits.

Historically, engineers on the supplies, course of, system, circuit, and system ranges labored fairly individually. VLSI design guidelines developed by Mead and Conway freed the circuit designer from the necessity to perceive the main points of system design or fabrication.

Speedy progress in scaling transistor dimensions has rendered it not possible to compartmentalize our experience on this approach, nonetheless.

Engineers working within the discipline of digital built-in circuits should perceive supplies, physics, units, processing, electromagnetics, laptop instruments, and economics, in addition to circuits and structure design guidelines.

Latest improvements in interconnect, corresponding to copper and low okay dielectrics, happened by the applying of supplies, processing, circuit, and electromagnetics ideas.

The emergence of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) resulted from the applying of supplies, processing, and system physics in addition to circuit idea.

On the similar time, yield and financial points have guided the course of SOI improvement to the place it’s at the moment.

Profitable implementation of a system on chip (SOC) could be achieved solely with an understanding of course of, yield, financial, and packaging trade-offs.

Rising reminiscence applied sciences have benefited from interdisciplinary work in physics, supplies, and units.

The interdisciplinary nature of the sector is highlighted by ovonic unified reminiscence (OUM), which borrows supplies expertise from rewritable compact disks.

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