Book Name: Electricity and Controls for HVAC/R 6th Edition by Herman and Sparkman
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Electricity and Controls for HVAC/R 6th Edition by Herman and Sparkman

Electricity and Controls for HVAC/R 6th Edition by Stephen L. Herman and Bennie L. Sparkman | PDF Free Download.

Electricity and Controls for HVAC/R Contents

SECTION 1 Primary Electricity

  • Unit 1 Atomic Construction
  • Unit 2 Electrical Portions and Ohm’s Regulation 
  • Unit 3 Measuring Devices 
  • Unit 4 Electrical Circuits
  • Unit 5 Electrical Companies
  • Unit 6 Wire Dimension and Voltage Drop 
  • Unit 7 Inductance 
  • Unit 8 Capacitance

SECTION 2 Management Circuits 

  • Unit 9 Schematics and Wiring Diagrams
  • Unit 10 Growing Wiring Diagrams

SECTION 3 Motors 

  • Unit 11 Cut up-Part Motors
  • Unit 12 The Shaded-Pole Induction Motor
  • Unit 13 Multispeed Motors
  • Unit 14 Three-Part Motor Rules
  • Unit 15 The Squirrel-Cage Induction Motor
  • Unit 16 The Wound Rotor Induction Motor 
  • Unit 17 The Synchronous Motor 
  • Unit 18 Brushless DC Motors 

SECTION 4 Transformers

  • Unit 19 Isolation Transformers 
  • Unit 20 Autotransformers 
  • Unit 21 Present Transformers

SECTION 5 Management Elements

  • Unit 22 Overloads
  • Unit 23 Relays, Contactors, and Motor Starters 
  • Unit 24 The Stable-State Relay 
  • Unit 25 The Management Transformer
  • Unit 26 Beginning Relays 
  • Unit 27 Variable-Pace Motor Management 
  • Unit 28 The Defrost Timer
  • Unit 29 The Thermostat
  • Unit 30 Strain Switches
  • Unit 31 The Stream Change 
  • Unit 32 The Humidistat 
  • Unit 33 Fan-Restrict Switches
  • Unit 34 The Oil-Strain Failure Change
  • Unit 35 Solenoid Valves 
  • Unit 36 The Quick-Cycle Timer
  • Unit 37 Strategies of Sensing Temperature
  • Unit 38 Fuel Burner Controls
  • Unit 39 Oil Burner Controls

SECTION 6 Troubleshooting Utilizing Management Schematics 

  • Unit 40 Introduction to Troubleshooting 
  • Unit 41 Room Air Conditioners
  • Unit 42 A Business Air Conditioning Unit
  • Unit 43 Warmth-Pump Controls 
  • Unit 44 Packaged Models: Electrical Air Conditioning and Fuel Heating

SECTION 7 Ice Maker And Refrigeration Controls

  • Unit 45 Family Ice Makers 
  • Unit 46 Business Ice Makers 
  • Unit 47 Refrigeration Controls 

SECTION 8 Stable-State Units 

  • Unit 48 Resistors and Shade Codes 
  • Unit 49 Semiconductor Supplies 
  • Unit 50 The PN Junction 
  • Unit 51 Gentle-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and Photodiodes
  • Unit 52 The Transistor 
  • Unit 53 The Unijunction Transistor
  • Unit 54 The Silicon-Managed Rectifier
  • Unit 55 The Diac 
  • Unit 56 The Triac 
  • Unit 57 The Operational Amplifier

SECTION 9 Stable-State Controls

  • Unit 58 Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Unit 59 Programming a PLC 
  • Unit 60 Analog Sensing for Programmable Controllers

Preface to Electricity and Controls for HVAC/R PDF

Electricity and Controls for HVAC/R is written with the idea that the coed has no prior information of electrical energy or management methods.

Primary electrical principle is offered in a sensible, simple method. Mathematical explanations are used solely when vital to clarify sure ideas of electrical energy. Every unit begins with the aims of the unit and ends with a abstract of vital information.

The textual content begins with the examine of fundamental electrical principle and progresses to sequence circuits, parallel circuits, alternating present, inductive circuits, and capacitive circuits.

The textual content additionally consists of info on various kinds of three-phase providers present in industrial and industrial places in addition to single-phase residential providers. Particular person units and elements frequent to the air-con, heating, and refrigeration subject are offered in a sensible method.

Units are defined from a standpoint of how they function and how they’re used. The textual content accommodates testing procedures for most of the units coated.

The sensible presentation of those units makes this textual content a must have reference guide for the service technician working within the subject.

Electricity and Controls for HVAC/R, sixth version, consists of info on isolation transformers, autotransformers, and present transformers.

The three main forms of three-phase motors—squirrel cage induction, wound rotor, and synchronous— are additionally coated. Protection of single-phase motors consists of split-phase motors, resistance-start induction-run motors, capacitor-start induction run motors, and everlasting cut up capacitor motors. Shaded-pole induction motors and multispeed motors are additionally coated.

The sixth version additionally gives info on variable-frequency drives. Management circuits are developed utilizing the elements within the textual content.

The textual content assumes that the coed has no prior information of management methods. Operation of the producer’s management schematics is defined to assist the coed in understanding how a management system operates and tips on how to troubleshoot the system.

Electricity and Controls for HVAC/R, sixth version, consists of info on family and industrial icemaker controls. These circuits are defined in a step-by-step process to make sure that college students have an intensive working information of those items.

Stable-state units frequent to the HVAC/R subject are coated in an easy method. The units coated are diode, transistor, SCR, diac, triac, and the nationwide amplifier.

The final part of the textual content covers programmable logic controllers, which have gotten extra and extra frequent within the subject.

Electricity and Controls for HVAC-R, Sixth Edition PDF

Author(s): Stephen L. Herman, Bennie Sparkman

Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning, Year: 2010

ISBN: 1435484274,9781435484276

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