Elementary flight dynamics 

Elementary flight dynamics pdf

Table of contents :

What, Why and How?
Aircraft as a Rigid Body
Six Degrees of Freedom
Position, Velocity and Angles
Aircraft Motion in Wind
Longitudinal Flight Dynamics
Longitudinal Dynamics Equations
A Question of Timescales
Longitudinal Trim
Aerodynamic Coefficients CD, CL, Disturbance Angles
Lateral-Directional Rate Variables
Small-Perturbation Lateral-Directional Equations
Lateral-Directional Timescales
Lateral-Directional Aerodynamic Derivatives
Lateral-Directional Small-Perturbation Equations (Contd.) …


Elementary flight dynamics with an introduction to bifurcation and continuation methods PDF

Author(s): Ananthkrishnan, N.; Sinha, Nandan K

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2014

ISBN: 9781482234886


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