Encyclopedia of Biocolloid and Biointerface Science, Volume 1 by Ohshima

Title: Encyclopedia of Biocolloid and Biointerface Science
Editor: Hiroyuki Ohshima
Edition: 1st, Illustrated, Elaborated
Publisher: Wiley Publications
Length: 1123 pages
Size: 110 MB
Language: English

Book Description:

This encyclopedia uniquely concentrates on biocolloids and biointerfaces rather than the broader field of colloid and interface science. Biocolloids and biointerfaces are the youngest but increasingly prominent studied area of colloid and interface science, and this encyclopedia uses “soft particles” and “soft interface” as surface models in observing phenomena in biological systems.

Provides a detailed description of the fundamental theories, dealing with the physicochemical and theoretical aspects of biocolloid and biointerface science
Offers a detailed description of soft interfaces or surfaces
Includes detailed description of applications of fundamental biocolloid and biointerface theories to nano-, bio, and environmental sciences
A useful and timely resource for researchers and graduates in the field of biocolloid and biointerface science, as well as engineers in the field of nanotechnology, bioscience, and environmental science.


Encyclopedia of Biocolloid and Biointerface Science, 2 Volume Set

Author(s): Hiroyuki Ohshima

Publisher: Wiley, Year: 2016

ISBN: 1118542762



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