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E book Title : Fine Tuning Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems
Author(s)  : Billy Langley
Writer   : The fairmont press, Inc
Version     : First
Pages      : 129
PDF Measurement   : 2 Mb

E book Description:
Fine Tuning Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems by Billy Langley ebook covers the entire procedures essential to fine-tune HVAC/R techniques for optimum working effectivity. Straightforward perceive pointers and worksheets information readers via every step of the method, giving them the instruments they should guarantee that tools can function at peak effectivity as designed by the producer. The complete spectrum of techniques and tools are lined, together with electrical heating, gasoline heating, oil burners, air con techniques, warmth pumps and refrigeration tools. Many diagrams, illustrations, estimating instruments and worksheets had been supplied on this eBook.

Desk of Contents:
Chapter 1: Why Fine Tune Gear?
Chapter 2: Electrical Heating
Chapter 3: Fuel Heating (Pure and LP)
Chapter 4: Oil Burners
Chapter 5: Air Conditioning Systems and Warmth Pumps (Cooling Mode)
Chapter 6: Warmth Pumps (Heating Mode)
Chapter 7: Refrigeration
Chapter 8: Meg-ohmmeters
Chapter 9: Strain-Enthalpy Diagrams
Chapter 10: Estimating Annual Heating Necessities
Appendix A: Air Conditioning Formulation (Non-Psychrometric)
Appendix B: Worksheets




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