Ebook Title : Fluid Mechanics
Author(s)  : Pijush Okay. Kundu, Ira M. Cohen
Writer  : Tutorial press
Version      : Third
Pages         : 750
PDF Dimension   : 5 Mb

Ebook Description:

Fluid Mechanics e book by the authors Pijush Okay. Kundu, Ira M. Cohen offers understanding and making use of the rules of how motions and forces act upon fluids equivalent to gases and liquids, is launched and comprehensively coated on this broadly adopted e book. This e book expanded protection of necessary matters as floor boundary interfaces, improved discussions of such bodily and mathematical legal guidelines because the Legislation of Biot and Savart and the Euler Momentum Integral. An important new part on Computational Fluid Dynamics has been added for the very first time to this version. Expanded and improved end-of-chapter issues will facilitate the instructing expertise for college students and instructors alike. This fluid mechanics eBook stays one of the complete and helpful texts on fluid mechanics obtainable as we speak, with purposes going from engineering to geophysics and past to biology and common science.

  1. Ample, helpful end-of-chapter issues.
  2. Glorious Protection of Computational Fluid Dynamics.
  3. Protection of Turbulent Flows.
  4. Options Guide obtainable.

Desk of Contents:

Author’s notes
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Cartesian Tensors
Chapter 3: Kinematics
Chapter 4: Conservation Legal guidelines
Chapter 5: Vorticity Dynamics
Chapter 6: Irrotational Movement
Chapter 7: Gravity Waves
Chapter 8: Dynamic Similarity
Chapter 9: Laminar stream
Chapter 10: Boundary layers and associated matters
Chapter 11: Computational fluid dynamics by Howard H. Hu
Chapter 12: Instability
Chapter 13: Turbulence
Chapter 14: Geophysical fluid dynamics
Chapter 15: Aerodynamics
Chapter 16: Compressible stream

Appendix A: Some properties of widespread fluid
Appendix B: Curvillinear coordinates
Appendix C: Founders of contemporary fluid dynamics



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