Foundations of Computer Science: C Edition

Foundations of Computer Science: C Edition

This text combines the theoretical foundations of computing with essential discrete mathematics. It follows the same organization as its predecessor, Foundations of Computer Science (also published by W.H. Freeman), with all examples and exercises in C.

Book Contents : 
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Computer Science: The Mechanization of Abstraction
Chapter 2 Iteration, Induction, and Recursion
Chapter 3 The Running Time of Programs
Chapter 4 Combinatorics and Probability
Chapter 5 The Tree Data Model
Chapter 6 The List Data Model
Chapter 7 The Set Data Model
Chapter 8 The Relational Data Model
Chapter 9 The Graph Data Model
Chapter 10 Patterns, Automata, and Regular Expressions
Chapter 11 Recursive Description of Patterns
Chapter 12 Propositional Logic
Chapter 13 Using Logic to Design Computer Components
Chapter 14 Predicate Logic

Foundations of Computer Science covers subjects that are often found split between a discrete mathematics course and a sophomore-level sequence in computer science in data structures. It has been our intention to select the mathematical foundations with an eye toward what the computer user really needs, rather than what a mathematician might choose. We have tried to integrate effectively the mathematical foundations with the computing. We thus hope to provide a better feel for the soul of computer science than might be found in a programming course, a discrete mathematics course, or a course in a computer science subspecialty. We believe that, as time goes on, all scientists and engineers will take a foundational course similar to the one offered at Stanford upon which this book is based. Such a course in computer science should become as standard as similar courses in calculus and physics.

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Provides the background needed for a modern theoretical course in computer science.

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