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Fundamentals of Electric Circuits 4th Version PDF Download


Fundamentals of Electric Circuits sixth Version by Charles Ok. Alexander and Matthew N. O. Sadiku | PDF Free Download.

Fundamentals of Electric Circuits PDF Contents


  • Chapter 1. Primary Ideas.
  • Chapter 2. Primary Legal guidelines.
  • Chapter 3. Strategies of Evaluation.
  • Chapter 4. Circuit Theorems.
  • Chapter 5. Operational Amplifiers.
  • Chapter 6. Capacitors and Inductors.
  • Chapter 7. First-Order Circuits.
  • Chapter 8. Second-Order Circuits.


  • Chapter 9. Sinusoids and Phasors.
  • Chapter 10. Sinusoidal Regular-State Evaluation
  • Chapter 11. AC Energy Evaluation.
  • Chapter 12. Magnetically Coupled Circuits.
  • Chapter 13. Frequency Response.


  • Chapter 14. Introduction to the Laplace Rework.
  • Chapter 15. Software of the Laplace Rework.
  • Chapter 16. The Fourier Sequence.
  • Chapter 17. Fourier Rework.
  • Chapter 18. Two-Port Networks.
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Preface to Fundamentals of Electric Circuits 4th Version

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What is an electric circuit – Series and Parallel Circuits? (Article)


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