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Ebook Title : Handbook of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Author(s)  : Shan Okay. Wang
Writer   : McGraw Hills
Version      : Second
Pages       : 1401
Dimension          : 10.7 MB

Ebook Description:

  • A broad vary of disciplines vitality conservation and air high quality points, building and design, and the manufacture of temperature-sensitive merchandise and supplies is roofed on this complete handbook  of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration by Shan Okay. Wang.
  • Present important, up-to-date HVAC knowledge, codes, requirements, and pointers, all conveniently situated in a single quantity.
  • A definitive reference supply on the design, choice and operation of A/C and refrigeration methods.

Desk of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction.
Chapter 2: Psychometrics.
Chapter 3: Warmth and Moisture Switch by way of Constructing Envelope.
Chapter 4: Indoor and Out of doors Design Circumstances.
Chapter 5: Power Administration and Management Techniques.
Chapter 6: Load Calculations.
Chapter 7: Water Techniques.
Chapter 8: Heating Techniques, Furnaces, and Boilers.
Chapter 9: Refrigerants, Refrigeration Cycles, and Refrigeration.
Chapter 10: Refrigerants Techniques: Parts.
Chapter 11: Refrigeration Techniques: Reciprocating, Rotary, Scroll, and Screw.
Chapter 12: Warmth Pumps, Warmth Restoration, Fuel Cooling, and Co-generation Techniques.
Chapter 13: Refrigeration Techniques: Centrifugal.
Chapter 14: Refrigeration Techniques: Absorption.
Chapter 15: Air Techniques: Parts – Followers, Coils, Filters, and Humidifiers.
Chapter 16: Air Techniques: Tools – Air-Dealing with Models and Packaged.
Chapter 17: Air Techniques: Air Duct Design.
Chapter 18: Air Techniques: House Air Diffusion.
Chapter 19: Sound Management.
Chapter 20: Air Techniques: Fundamentals and Fixed-Quantity Techniques.
Chapter 21: Air Techniques: Variable-Air-Quantity Techniques.
Chapter 22: Air Techniques: VAV Techniques – Fan Mixture, System Strain, and Smoke Management.
Chapter 23: Air Techniques: Minimal Air flow and VAV System Controls.
Chapter 24: Bettering Indoor Air High quality.
Chapter 25: Power Administration and World Warming.
Chapter 26: Air Conditioning Techniques: System Classification, Choice, and Particular person Techniques.
Chapter 27: Air Conditioning Techniques: Evaporate Cooling Techniques and Evaporation Coolers.
Chapter 28: Air Conditioning Techniques: House Conditioning Techniques.
Chapter 29: Air Conditioning Techniques: Packaged Techniques and Desiccant-Based mostly Techniques.
Chapter 30: Air Conditioning Techniques: Central Techniques and Clear-Room Techniques.
Chapter 31: Air Conditioning Techniques: Thermal Storage Techniques.
Chapter 32: Commissioning and Upkeep.
Appendix A: Nomenclature and Abbreviations.
Appendix B: Psychometric Chart, Tables, and I-P Models to SI Models Conversion.




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