E book Title : Heat Convection
Author(s)  : Latif M. Jiji
Writer   : Springer
Version      : First
Pages        : 444
PDF Dimension  : 4.3 Mb

E book Description:
Author’s intensive understanding of how readers assume and be taught, what they’re discovering troublesome subjects to know and which subjects have to be pressured is built-in on this work. Latif M. Jiji employs a company and methodology derived from his work expertise and presents the ebook in a simple to know by everybody. Illustrative examples on this ebook are used to display the applying of ideas and the development of options, options comply with an orderly strategy utilized in all examples, systematic problem-solving methodology emphasizes logical considering, assumptions, approximations, utility of ideas and verification of outcomes. Chapter summaries on this warmth convection eBook assist the scholars assessment the chapters within the ebook.

Desk of Contents:

1. Primary ideas
2. Differential formulation of the essential regulation
3. Precise one-dimensional answer
4. Boundary layer stream: Functions of exterior stream
5. Approximate options: The integral technique
6. Heat switch in channel stream
7. Free convection
8. Correlation equations: Pressured and free convection
9. Convection in micro channels
APPENDIX A: Conservation of Vitality: The Vitality Equation
APPENDIX B: Pohlhausen’s Resolution
APPENDIX C: Laminar Boundary Layer Movement over Semi-infinite Plate: Variable Floor Temperature
APEENDIX D: Properties of Dry Air at Atmospheric Strain
APPENDIX E: Properties of Saturated Water


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