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Influence!: 47 Forbidden Psychological Tactics You Can Use To Motivate, Influence and Persuade Your Prospect is business book by Dan Lok, published in 2017.

Imagine knowing how the human mind works… having the power to influence and motivate people at will to buy your products and services… what would that be worth to you? As you read every word of this page, you will experience first-hand and quickly discover highly controversial persuasion secrets that will boggle your mind… and the mind of any prospect you target. I’ll reveal 47 ways you can use psychological tactics to induce people to pull out their credit cards and buy from you – and, more importantly, how you can use these tactics to double, triple, or even quadruple your income. I uncovered many of these tactics as a result of my ability to sell my own products or services through the power of words. Over the years, I’ve learned which approaches work, which approaches fail, and — here’s the secret you won’t get anywhere else — WHY they work.

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