NMR – from Spectra to Structures – an Experimental Approach, 2nd Edition by N. Mitchell and Costisella :: Our attempt to present NMR spectroscopy to the beginner in a somewhat different way was well-received, so that we were invited by Springer to make some additions to the original for a second edition. Naturally we have modified the text to take account of justified criticisms of the first edition. We decided immediately to extend the number and scope of the problems section comprising Part 2, as we know that this section has been very useful to our readers. We felt that solid-state NMR is now so important and so relatively easy to do that it would be well worth giving the reader a brief account of its advantages and disadvantages. And, having already dealt with four important nuclei in some detail, we decided to add some basic information on a number of other spin-½ nuclei which are now often studied. We thank Prof. Janet Blümel, Texas A&M University, and the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker for allowing us to reproduce solid state NMR spectra. In addition we thank Klaus Jurkschat and Bernhard Lippert and their groups for making available samples of organometallic molecules. Thanks also go to Andrea Bokelmann and Bernhard Griewel for their valuable technical help.
Title: NMR – from Spectra to Structures – an Experimental Approach
Editor: Terence N. Mitchell
Burkhard Costisella
Edition: 2nd, Revised, Expanded
Publisher: Springer Publications
Length: 220 pages
Size: 4.56 MB
Language: English

Solutions Manual NMR from spectra to structures: an experimental approach





NMR – from spectra to structures: an experimental approach

Author(s): Terence N. Mitchell, Burkhard Costisella

Publisher: Springer, Year: 2007

ISBN: 3540721959



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