Design aids in soil mechanics and foundation engineering

Design aids in soil mechanics and foundation engineering Free PDF Book

The book serves the interests and needs of designers, teachers and students of civil engineering. It provides the designers with specific design procedures and the relevant background material to understand the theory and methodology behind the procedures, their limitations and their relevance to the problem on hand. For teachers, this is a good resource book to teach more than one course in geotechnical engineering, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The students will find the book a good reference for several courses in geotechnical engineering and in their future professional career.
About one-fourth of the book is devoted to principles of soil mechanics. This will equip the reader with details on the engineering properties of soils, their evaluation and selection for the solution of the problem on hand. The remaining part of the book, on soil engineering, covers all important problems typically met with in civil engineering practice. Applications of procedures are illustrated with numerous solved examples. Instances where the designer must use his own judgement are also brought out. A useful and exhaustive list of Indian Standard Codes on soil mechanics, foundation engineering and other related areas in geotechnical engineering is given at the end of the book.

Design aids in soil mechanics and foundation engineering PDF

Author(s): Kaniraj, Shenbaga R. Kaniraj

Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education, Year: 1988

ISBN: 0074517147




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