Problem Solving for Coding Interviews

Problem Solving for Coding Interviews pdf

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Coding is just the process of translating the idea behind your solution into a programming language that will carry it out.
This book contains the problem-solving notes of a software developer. ideal as coding interview preparation material. This was originally a compilation of interview-related queries and responses gathered over time by Suthor. The author perused a number of discussion boards, including CareerCup and Glassdoor. They are a great resource for questions, but it can be challenging to get clear explanations for the answers. As a result, the author made the decision to start creating his own answers and disseminating them. The issue description, examples, algorithm, code, test cases, and a discussion of time-complexity are the five components that make up each post.

Problem Solving for Coding Interviews (Karthik Naidu) PDF


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