Reinforced Concrete Design

reinforced concrete design george f limbrunner pdf

Reinforced Concrete Design Book By George F. Limbrunner

Concrete consists primarily of a mixture of cement and fine

and coarse aggregates (sand, gravel, crushed rock, and/or

other materials) to which water has been added as a necessary

ingredient for the chemical reaction of curing. The bulk

of the mixture consists of the fine and coarse aggregates. The

resulting concrete strength and durability are a function of

the proportions of the mix as well as other factors, such as

the concrete placing, finishing, and curing history.

The compressive strength of concrete is relatively high.

Yet it is a relatively brittle material, the tensile strength of

which is small compared with its compressive strength.

Hence steel reinforcing rods (which have high tensile and

compressive strength) are used in combination with the

concrete; the steel will resist the tension and the concrete the

compression. Reinforced concrete is the result of this combination

of steel and concrete. In many instances, steel and

concrete are positioned in members so that they both resist



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