Seamless Object-Oriented Software Architecture 

Seamless Object-Oriented Software Architecture

Book Description

In the demanding world of software development, the object-oriented technique stands out in its potential for software reuse and to turn the analysis, design, and implementation of available software systems into a seamless process.

This book shows how a consistent set of object-oriented abstractions can be applied throughout the process, based on three central ideas: seamlessness, reversibility, and contracting.

This book focuses on the Business Object Notation approach and includes case studies, exercises, and comprehensive appendices.

The book is intended for software professionals and students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. We believe it can be read by anyone who has acquired a general understanding of software engineering problems and is inclined to abstract thinking.


Seamless object-oriented software architecture PDF

Author(s): Kim and Jean-Marc Nerson Walden

Publisher: Prentice Hall, Year: 1995

ISBN: 9780130313034




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