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Self on Audio by Douglas Self

Self on Audio by Douglas Self PDF

Self on Audio by Douglas Self,self on audio douglas self pdf, self on audio douglas self

Book Description:
Douglas Self has been writing for Electronics World and Wireless World over the past 20 years, offering cutting-edge insights into scientific methods of electronics design. This book is a collection of the essential Electronics World articles, covering twenty years of amplifier technology but with a very strong bias towards more recent material. The articles include self-build projects as well as design ideas and guidance for the professional audio designer.

Table of Contents
Advanced preamplifier design;
High-performance preamplifier;
Precision preamplifier;
Design of moving-coil head amplifiers;
Precision preamplifier ’96 parts1+2;
Overload matters;
A balanced view, parts 1+2;
FETs versus BJTs: the linearity competition;
Distortion in power amplifiers (8 article series);
Diagnosing distortions;
Trimodal audio power, parts 1+2;
Load-invariant audio power;
Common-emitter power amplifiers: a different perception;
Few compliments for non-complements;
Loudspeaker undercurrents;
Class distinction;
Muting relays;
Cool audio power;
Audio power analysis;
Audio compressor design;
Sound MOSFET design;
Inside mixing consoles;
Amplifier input currents;
Analogue switching

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