Semantic Web Services

Semantic Web Services
AuthorBirgitta Konig-Ries, Brian Blake, David Martin,
Liliana Cabral, and Ulrich Kuster
File size5.8 MB
File formatPDF
CategoryWeb Development

Semantic Web Services Book Description:

In this book, the editors present an overall overview and
comparison of the main current evaluation initiatives for SWS.
The presentation is divided into four parts, each referring to
one of the evaluation initiatives. Part I covers the
long-established first two tracks of the Semantic Service
Selection (S3) Contest – the OWL-S matchmaker evaluation and
the SAWSDL matchmaker evaluation. Part II introduces the new S3
Jena Geography Dataset (JGD) cross evaluation contest. Part III
presents the Semantic Web Service Challenge. Lastly, Part IV
reports on the semantic aspects of the Web Service Challenge.
The introduction to each part provides an overview of the
evaluation initiative and overall results for its latest
evaluation workshops. The following chapters in each part,
written by the participants, detail their approaches, solutions
and lessons learned.


Releted Results : semantic web services advancement through evaluation pdf,

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