Book Name: Structural Characterization and Seismic Retrofitting of Adobe Constructions
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Structural Characterization and Seismic Retrofitting of Adobe Constructions 

Structural Characterization and Seismic Retrofitting of Adobe Constructions pdf

Book Description:

This book provides the reader with a review of the most relevant research on the structural characterization and seismic retrofitting of adobe construction. It offers a complete review of the latest research developments and hence the relevance of the field.

The book starts with an introductory discussion on adobe construction and its use throughout the world over time, highlighting the characteristics and performance of adobe masonry structures and different contributions to cultural heritage conservation (Chapter 1). Then, the seismic behavior of adobe masonry buildings is addressed, including examples of real performance during recent earthquakes (Chapter 2). In the following chapters, key research investigations on seismic response assessment and retrofitting of adobe constructions are reviewed. The review deals with the following issues: mechanical characterization of adobe bricks and adobe masonry (Chapters 3 and 4); quasi-static and shaking table testing of adobe masonry walls and structures (Chapters 5 and 6); non-destructive and minor-destructive testing for characterization of adobe constructions (Chapter 7); seismic strengthening techniques for adobe constructions (Chapter 8); and numerical modeling of adobe structures (Chapter 9).

The book ends with Chapter 10, where some general conclusions are drawn, and research needs are identified. Each chapter is co-authored by a group of experts from different countries to address all adobe construction issues worldwide comprehensively.

The information covered in this book is fundamental to supporting civil engineers and architects in rehabilitating and strengthening existing adobe constructions and designing new adobe buildings. This information is also of interest to researchers. By providing a summary of existing research and suggesting possible directions for future research efforts.


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Author(s): Humberto Varum, Fulvio Parisi, Nicola Tarque, Dora Silveira

Series: Building Pathology and Rehabilitation, 20

Publisher: Springer, Year: 2021

ISBN: 3030747360,9783030747367


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