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AQA A Level Biology Student Book 2 by Pauline Lowrie


AQA A Level Biology Student Book 2

Editor :  Pauline Lowrie, Mark Smith, Mike Bailey, Bill Indge, Martin Roland

Edition : 2nd

Publisher : Hodder Education

Length : 290 pages

Size :  98 MB


Book Description:

Develop college students’ experimental, analytical and analysis expertise with up to date and topical biology examples, sensible evaluation steerage and differentiated finish of subject questions, with this AQA 12 months 2 scholar e-book. – Gives assist for all 12 required practicals with loads of actions and information evaluation steerage – Develops understanding with partaking and up to date examples to assist college students apply their information, analyse information and consider findings – Provides detailed steerage and examples of methodology with a devoted ‘Maths in Biology’ chapter and mathematical assist all through to consolidate studying – Provides common alternatives to check understanding with Take a look at Your self Questions, Differentiated Finish of Subject Questions and Stretch and Problem Questions – Helps examination preparation with synoptic questions, revision ideas and expertise – Develops understanding with free on-line entry to Take a look at your self Solutions, an Prolonged Glossary, Studying Outcomes and Subject Summaries.


Table of contents :

Book title
About this book
How the practical element is assessed
Skills Guidance
Practical advice
Required practical activities
1 Factors affecting the rate of enzyme-controlled reactions
2 Preparing and observing a root tip squash
3 Using a calibration curve to estimate water potential
4 Factors affecting membrane permeability
5 Dissection of an organ or system from an animal or plant
6 Using aseptic techniques to investigate the effect of antimicrobials
7 Using chromatography to investigate leaf pigments
8 Factors affecting dehydrogenase activity in chloroplasts
9 Factors affecting the rate of respiration in single-celled organisms
10 The effect of an environmental variable on animal movement
11 Using a calibration curve to find an unknown concentration
12 The effect of environmental factors on species distribution
Questions & Answers
1 The effect of pH on starch hydrolysis
2 Preparing an onion root tip squash
3 The effect of sucrose concentration on osmosis
4 The effect of temperature on membrane permeability
5 Estimating the number of stomata
6 The effect of antibiotics on bacterial growth
7 Using chromatography to investigate leaf pigments
8 Investigating photosynthesis using a chloroplast suspension
9 Using a respirometer to investigate oxygen uptake
10 The effect of light on maggot behaviour
11 Using a calibration curve to find glucose concentration
12 The effect of distance from a tree on leaf size


AQA A-level biology. Student guide. Practical biology

Author(s): Pauline Lowrie

Year: 2017

ISBN: 9781471885587