Asphalt Materials and Mix Design Manual

asphalt materials and mix design manual pdf

Asphalt Materials and Mix Design Manual Book By Irving Kett

The MANUAL consists of the following:

1. 3 5 of the frequently used ASTM tests in Asphalt

Binder and Mix Design.

2. Sample computations and easy to use Data Sheets, most of

which have been developed specifically for The MANUAL.

3. An up-to-date overview of Asphalt Technology including

sources, historical development, and classifications of

asphalt products.

4. Easy to understand explanations for Voids Mineral

Aggregate, Absorbed Asphalt, Effective Asphalt Content,

Percent Air Voids, and Percent of Voids filled with Asphalt.

5. A stand-alone asphalt manual, written specifically for

university laboratory instruction, yet applicable for a

commercial testing laboratory. Rarely will other reference

materials need to be consulted.

6. Dimensions in both the SI and the U.S. Standard systems

of measurement.

7. An Appendix with conversion factors, rules of safety and

procedures, overview of SHRP SUPERPAVE, explanation of

asphalt emulsions, and additional data sheets on

single-sided pages.