Non-Linear Programming: A Basic Introduction

Non-Linear Programming: A Basic Introduction Free PDF Book

Book Description:

This book is for beginners who are struggling to understand and optimize non-linear problems. The content will help readers gain an understanding and learn how to formulate real-world problems and will also give insight to many researchers for their future prospects.

It proposes a mind map for conceptual understanding and includes sufficient solved examples for reader comprehension. The theory is explained in a lucid way. The variety of examples are framed to raise the thinking level of the reader and the formulation of real-world problems are included in the last chapter along with applications.

The book is self-explanatory, well synchronized and written for undergraduate, post graduate and research scholars.

Non-Linear Programming: A Basic Introduction PDF

Author(s): Nita H. Shah, Poonam Prakash Mishra

Series: Mathematical Engineering, Manufacturing, and Management Sciences

Publisher: CRC Press

Year: 2020

ISBN: 036761328X