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Beginning C++17: From Novice to Professional Book Pdf Free DownloadBeginning C++17: From Novice to Professional By Ivor Horton

Learn how to program using the updated C++17 language. You’ll start with the basics and progress through step-by-step examples to become a working C++ programmer. All you need are Beginning C++17 and any recent C++ compiler and you’ll soon be writing real C++ programs. There is no assumption of prior programming knowledge.
All language concepts that are explained in the book are illustrated with working program examples, and all chapters include exercises for you to test and practice your knowledge. Code downloads are provided for all examples from the text and solutions to the exercises.
This latest edition has been fully updated to the latest version of the language, C++17, and to all conventions and best practices of so-called modern C++. Beginning C++17 also introduces the elements of the C++ Standard Library that provide essential support for the C++17 language.

What You’ll Learn

Define variables and make decisions
Work with arrays and loops, pointers and references, strings, and more
Write your own functions, types, and operators
Discover the essentials of object-oriented programming
Use overloading, inheritance, virtual functions and polymorphism
Write generic function templates and class templates
Get up to date with modern C++ features: auto type declarations, move semantics, lambda expressions, and more
Examine the new additions to C++17

Who This Book Is For Programmers new to C++ and those who may be looking for a refresh primer on the C++17 programming language in general.

Beginning C++ 17: From Novice to Professional by Ivor Horton and Peter Van Weert guides you on how to program using the updated C++ 17 language. The book contains standard libraries for C++ 17, an ample collection of examples, and exercises, and a lot to learn directly with C++ 17.

1. Basic ideas.- 2. Introducing fundamental types of data.- 3. Working fundamental types.- 4. Making decisions.- 5. Arrays and loops.- 6. Pointers and references.- 7. Working with strings.- 8. Defining functions.- 9. Function templates.- 10. Program files and preprocessing directives.- 11. Defining your own data types.- 12. Operator overloading.- 13. Inheritance.- 14. Virtual functions and polymorphism.- 15. Runtime errors and exceptions.- 16. Class templates.- 17. Move semantics.- 18. First-class functions.- 19. Containers and algorithms.

Beginning C++17 From Novice to Professional PDF

Author(s): Ivor Horton, Peter Van Weert

Publisher: Apress, Year: 2018

ISBN: 978-1-4842-3366-5