Beginning C++17: From Novice to Professional Book Pdf Free DownloadBeginning C++17: From Novice to Professional By Ivor Horton

Beginning C++ 17: From Novice to Professional by Ivor Horton and Peter Van Weert guides you on how to program using the updated C++ 17 language. The book contains standard libraries for C++ 17, an ample collection of examples, and exercises, and a lot to learn directly with C++ 17.

1. Basic ideas.- 2. Introducing fundamental types of data.- 3. Working fundamental types.- 4. Making decisions.- 5. Arrays and loops.- 6. Pointers and references.- 7. Working with strings.- 8. Defining functions.- 9. Function templates.- 10. Program files and preprocessing directives.- 11. Defining your own data types.- 12. Operator overloading.- 13. Inheritance.- 14. Virtual functions and polymorphism.- 15. Runtime errors and exceptions.- 16. Class templates.- 17. Move semantics.- 18. First-class functions.- 19. Containers and algorithms.

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