Cambridge IGCSE Biology Laboratory Practical Book by Mike Cole

Title             Cambridge IGCSE Biology Laboratory Practical Book
Editor :          Mike Cole
Edition :         N/A
Publisher :       Hodder Education
Length :          177 pages
Size :            14 MB

Improve your students’ scientific skills and report writing with achievable experiments and simple structured guidance.

This Laboratory Practical Book supports the teaching and learning of the practical assessment element of the Cambridge IGCSE Biology Syllabus. Using this book, students will interpret and evaluate experimental observations and data. They will also plan investigations, evaluate methods and suggest possible improvements.

– Demonstrates the essential techniques, apparatus, and materials that students require to become accomplished scientists
– Improves the quality of written work with guidance, prompts and experiment writing frames
– Develops experimental skills and abilities through a series of investigations
– Prepares students for the Practical paper or the Alternative, with past exam questions