Developing Large Web Applications

56e6be97ab683.jpeg Author Kyle Loudon
Isbn 9780596803025
File size 2 Mb
Year 2010
Pages 304
Language English
File format PDF
Category Web Development

Developing Large Web Applications Book Description:

  • Avoid common coding and maintenance headaches as small
    websites add more pages, more code, and more programmers
  • Get comprehensive solutions for refining HTML, CSS,
    JavaScript, PHP, and Ajax for large-scale web applications
  • Make changes in one place that ripple through all affected
    page elements
  • Embrace the virtues of modularity, encapsulation,
    abstraction, and loosely coupled components
  • Use tried-and-true techniques for managing data exchange,
    including working with forms and cookies
  • Learn often-overlooked best practices in code management
    and software engineering
  • Prepare your code to make performance enhancements and
    testing easier