Handbook of Diesel Engines

Author : Klaus Mollenhauer, Helmut Tschoeke

The diesel engine continues to be the most cost effective internal combustion engine for motor vehicles as well as mobile and stationary machines. Given the discussion of CO2, the diesel engine is superior to all other drive engines in terms of flexibility, performance, emissions and ruggedness. The intensive search for alternative drive concepts, e. g. hybrid or purely electric drives, has revealed the advantages of the diesel engine for cost effective long distance use wherever high energy densities of energy carriers are indispensible, i. e. storage capacities are low.

Handbook of Diesel Engines

Handbook of Diesel Engines PDF


Handbook of Diesel Engines PDF Contents :

  • History and Fundamental Principles of the Diesel Engine
  • Gas Exchange and Supercharging
  • Diesel Engine Combustion
  • Fuels
  • Fuel Injection Systems
  • Fuel Injection System Control Systems
  • Engine Component Loading
  • Crankshaft Assembly Design, Mechanics and Loading
  • Engine Cooling
  • Materials and Their Selection
  • Lubricants and the Lubrication System
  • Start and Ignition Assist Systems
  • Intake and Exhaust Systems
  • Exhaust Heat Recovery
  • Diesel Engine Exhaust Emissions
  • Vehicle Diesel Engines
  • Industrial and Marine Engines
  • Standards and Guidelines for Internal Combustion Engines.