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Industrial Communication Technology Handbook

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Industrial Communication Technology Handbook Book By Richard Zurawski

Book Description:

The Industrial Communication Technology Handbook focuses on current and newly emerging communication technologies and systems that are evolving in response to the needs of industry and the demands of industry-led consortia and organizations.Organized into two parts, the text first summarizes the basics of data communications and IP networks, then presents a comprehensive overview of the field of industrial communications. This book extensively covers the areas of fieldbus technology, industrial Ethernet and real-time extensions, wireless and mobile technologies in industrial applications, the linking of the factory floor with the Internet and wireless fieldbuses, network security and safety, automotive applications, automation and energy system applications, and more.The Handbook presents material in the form of tutorials, surveys, and technology overviews, combining fundamentals and advanced issues with articles grouped into sections for a cohesive and comprehensive presentation. The text contains 42 contributed articles by experts from industry and industrial research establishments at the forefront of development, and some of the most renowned academic institutions worldwide. It analyzes content from an industrial perspective, illustrating actual implementations and successful technology deployments.

Book Content :

Field Area and Control Networks

Industrial Ethernet

Fault-Tolerant Clock Synchronization in Industrial Automation Networks

Accessing Factory Floor Data

Safety Technologies in Industrial Networks and Network Security

Wireless Industrial Networks

Time-Triggered Communication

Avionics and Aerospace

Automotive Communication Technologies

Building Automation

Energy and Power Systems

Communication Networks and Services in Railway Applications

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International

Emerging Protocols and Technologies

The Industrial Communication Technology Handbook (Industrial Information Technology) PDF

Author(s): Richard Zurawski

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2005

ISBN: 0849330777