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The Materials Science of Thin Films by Milton Ohring

The Materials Science of Thin Films

Thin-film science and technology play a crucial role in the high-tech industries that will bear the main burden of future American competitiveness.

While the major exploitation of thin films has been in microelectronics, there are numerous and growing applications in communications, optical electronics, coatings of all kinds, and in energy generation and conservation strategies.

A great many sophisticated analytical instruments and techniques, largely developed to characterize thin films and surfaces, have already become indispensable in virtually every scientific endeavor irrespective of discipline.

When I was called upon to offer a course on thin films, it became a genuine source of concern to me that there were no suitable textbooks available on this unquestionably important topic.

This book, written with a materials science flavor, is a response to this need. It is intended for

1. Science and engineering students in advanced undergraduate or first-year graduate level courses on thin films.

2. Participants in industrial in-house courses or short courses offered by professional societies.

3. Mature scientists and engineers switching career directions who require an overview of the field.

Book Content:

Chapter 1. A Review of Materials Science
Chapter 2. Vacuum Science and Technology
Chapter 3. Physical Vapor Deposition
Chapter 4. Chemical Vapor Deposition
Chapter 5. Film Formation and Structure
Chapter 6. Characterization of Thin Films
Chapter 7. Epitaxy
Chapter 8. Interdiffusion and Reactions in Thin Films
Chapter 9. Mechanical Properties of Thin Films
Chapter 10. Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Thin Films
Chapter 11. Optical Properties of Thin Films
Chapter 12. Metallurgical and Protective Coatings
Chapter 13. Modification of Surfaces and Films
Chapter 14. Emerging Thin-Film Materials and Applications

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Materials Science of Thin Films. Deposition and Structure PDF

Author(s): Milton Ohring (Auth.)

Publisher: Academic Press, Year: 2002

ISBN: 978-0-12-524975-1