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Book Description:
Douglas Self has been writing for Electronics World and Wireless World over the past 20 years, offering cutting-edge insights into scientific methods of electronics design. This book is a collection of the essential Electronics World articles, covering twenty years of amplifier technology but with a very strong bias towards more recent material. The articles include self-build projects as well as design ideas and guidance for the professional audio designer.

Table of Contents
Advanced preamplifier design;
High-performance preamplifier;
Precision preamplifier;
Design of moving-coil head amplifiers;
Precision preamplifier ’96 parts1+2;
Overload matters;
A balanced view, parts 1+2;
FETs versus BJTs: the linearity competition;
Distortion in power amplifiers (8 article series);
Diagnosing distortions;
Trimodal audio power, parts 1+2;
Load-invariant audio power;
Common-emitter power amplifiers: a different perception;
Few compliments for non-complements;
Loudspeaker undercurrents;
Class distinction;
Muting relays;
Cool audio power;
Audio power analysis;
Audio compressor design;
Sound MOSFET design;
Inside mixing consoles;
Amplifier input currents;
Analogue switching

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