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Steel Detailers’ Manual

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Steel Detailers’ Manual By Alan Hayward, Frank Weare and Anthony Oakhill

Structural steel has distinct capabilities compared with

other construction materials such as reinforced concrete,

prestressed concrete, timber and brickwork. In most

structures it is used in combination with other materials,

the attributes of each combining to form the whole. For

example, a factory building will usually be steel framed

with foundations, ground and suspended floors of

reinforced concrete. Wall cladding might be of brickwork

with the roof clad with profiled steel sheeting. Stability of

the whole building usually relies upon the steel frame,

sometimes aided by inherent stiffness of floors and

cladding. The structural design and detailing of the

building must consider this carefully and take into account

intended sequences of construction and erection.

Steel Detailers’ Manual PDF

Author(s): Alan Hayward, Frank Weare, & Anthony Oakhill

Publisher: Wiley – Blackwell

Year: 2011

ISBN: 9781405175210