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Strength of Materials and buildings

Author(s)  : John Case, Lord Chilver of Cranfield, Catl T.F. RossWriter   : Arnold
Version      : Fourth
Pages        : 719
PDf Measurement   : 16.1 MbDescription:
Strength of Materials and buildings by John Case, Lord Chilver of Cranfield, Catl T.F. Ross e-book offers engineers with power of supplies fundamentals. This eBook has been expanded to cowl the whole lot on supplies and buildings that engineering college students are prone to want. Beginning with primary mechanics, the e-book goes on to cowl trendy numerical strategies equivalent to matrix and finite component strategies. On this e-book there may be an extra materials on composite supplies, thick shells, flat plates and the vibrations of complicated buildings. Illustrated all through with labored examples, the e-book offers quite a few issues for college kids to develop downside fixing expertise.


  1. Stress and compression: direct stresses
  2. Pin-jointed frames or trusses
  3. Shearing stress
  4. Joints and connections
  5. Evaluation of stress and pressure
  6. Skinny shells underneath inside strain
  7. Bending moments and shearing forces
  8. Geometrical properties of cross-sections
  9. Longitudinal stresses in beams
  10. Shearing stresses in beams
  11. Beams of two supplies
  12. Bending stresses and direct stresses mixed
  13. Deflections of beams
  14. Constructed-in and steady beams
  15. Plastic bending of mild-steel beams
  16. Torsion of round shafts and thin-walled tubes
  17. Power strategies
  18. Buckling of columns and beams
  19. Lateral deflections of round plates
  20. Torsion of non-circular sections
  21. Thick round cylinders, discs and spheres
  22. Matrix strategies of structural evaluation
  23. The finite component methodology
  24. Structural vibrations

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Author(s): Carl T. F. Ross BSc PhD DSc CEng FRINA, The late John Case, A. Chilver

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann, Year: 1999

ISBN: 0340719206,9780340719206