Sushruta Samhita (Hindi Book) Book Pdf Free DownloadSushruta Samhita (Hindi Book) By Dr.Ambikadutt Shastri

Sushruta Samhita (Hindi Book) is hindi translation by Dr.Ambikadutt Shastri of The Sushruta Samhita is an ancient Sanskrit text on medicine and surgery, and one of the most important such treatises on this subject to survive from the ancient world.

Sushruta Samhita is the most important treatise related to Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine. This book is an ancient research based on medicine and surgery. It is one of the most important texts of ancient India given to the world. Maharishi Sushruta was a physician who has tried to compile the knowledge of traditional Ayurveda medicine in the form of a book. In this book, not only Ayurvedic herbs are discussed, but also the description of surgical operation is available in this book. In this, a detailed description of the methods of surgery and their equipment is also available. Here we are providing you a link to the Sanskrit Hindi version of the book Sushruta Sanhita.


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