History Of Modern Biotechnology II – Springer

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TITLE: History of Modern Biotechnology II

AUTHOR: Fiechter, Armin (Ed.)

ISBN: 3-540-67792-5


The Morphology of Filamentous Fungi

N.W.F. Kossen 1

Antibiotica Research in Jena from Penicillin and Nourseothricin to Interferon

H. Bocker, W.A. Knorre 35

Development of Bioreaction Engineering

K. Schügerl 41

A View of the History of Biochemical Engineering

R. Katzen, G.T T sao 77

Advances in Enzyme Technology ­ UK Contributions

J.M. Woodley 93

Computer Applications in Bioprocessing

H.R. Bungay 109

Automation of Industrial Bioprocesses

W. Beyeler, E. DaPra, K. Schneider 139

Author Index Volumes 51­70 165

Subject Index 173