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The Art of Electronics third Version by Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill


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The Art of Electronics Third Version by Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill PDF Free Download.

First revealed 1980

Second version 1989

Third version 2015

seventh printing 2016 with corrections

ISBN 978-0-521-80926-9 Hardback

Contents of The Art of Electronics PDF E-book

ONE: Foundations

  • Voltage, present, and resistance
  • Indicators
  • Capacitors and ac circuits
  • Inductors and transformers
  • Diodes and diode circuits
  • Impedance and reactance
  • Placing all of it collectively – an AM radio
  • Different passive parts
  • A parting shot: complicated markings and itty-bitty parts

TWO: Bipolar Transistors

  • Some fundamental transistor circuit
  • Ebers–Moll mannequin utilized to fundamental transistor circuits
  • Some amplifier constructing blocks
  • Unfavourable suggestions
  • Some typical transistor circuits

THREE: Subject-Impact Transistors

  • FET linear circuits
  • A more in-depth take a look at JFETs
  • FET switches
  • Energy MOSFETs
  • MOSFETs in linear purposes

FOUR: Operational Amplifiers

  • Introduction to op-amps – the “good element”
  • Fundamental op-amp circuits
  • An op-amp smorgasbord
  • An in depth take a look at op-amp conduct
  • An in depth take a look at chosen op-amp circuits
  • Op-amp operation with a single energy provide
  • Different amplifiers and op-amp varieties
  • Some typical op-amp circuits
  • Suggestions amplifier frequency compensation

FIVE: Precision Circuits

  • Precision op-amp design methods
  • An instance: the millivoltmeter, revisited
  • The classes: error finances, unspecified parameters
  • One other instance: precision amplifier with null offset
  • A precision-design error finances
  • Element errors
  • Amplifier enter errors
  • Amplifier output errors
  • RRIO op-amps: the nice, the dangerous, and the ugly
  • Selecting a precision op-amp
  • Auto-zeroing (chopper-stabilized) amplifiers
  • Designs by the masters: Agilent’s correct DMMs
  • Distinction, differential, and instrumentation amplifiers: introduction
  • Distinction amplifier
  • Instrumentation amplifier
  • Instrumentation amplifier miscellany
  • Absolutely differential amplifiers

SIX: Filters

  • Passive filters
  • Energetic-filter circuits

SEVEN: Oscillators and Timers

  • Oscillators
  • Timers

EIGHT: Low-Noise Methods

  • ‘‘Noise”
  • Sign-to-noise ratio and noise determine
  • Bipolar transistor amplifier noise
  • Discovering en from noise-figure specs
  • Low-noise design with bipolar transistors
  • Low-noise design with JFETS
  • Charting the bipolar–FET shootout
  • Noise in differential and suggestions amplifiers
  • Noise in operational amplifier circuits
  • Sign transformers
  • Noise in transimpedance amplifiers
  • Noise measurements and noise sources
  • Bandwidth limiting and rms voltage measurement
  • Sign-to-noise enchancment by bandwidth narrowing
  • Energy-supply noise
  • Interference, shielding, and grounding

NINE: Voltage Regulation and Energy Conversion

  • Tutorial: from zener to series-pass linear regulator
  • Fundamental linear regulator circuits with the traditional
  • Absolutely built-in linear regulators
  • Warmth and energy design
  • From ac line to unregulated provide
  • Switching regulators and dc–dc converters
  • Ac-line-powered (“offline”) switching converters
  • An actual-world switcher instance
  • Inverters and switching amplifiers
  • Voltage references
  • Industrial power-supply modules
  • Vitality storage: batteries and capacitors
  • Further subjects in energy regulation

TEN: Digital Logic

  • Fundamental logic ideas
  • Digital built-in circuits: CMOS and Bipolar (TTL)
  • Combinational logic
  • Sequential logic
  • Sequential features obtainable as built-in circuits
  • Some typical digital circuits
  • Micropower digital design
  • Logic pathology

ELEVEN: Programmable Logic Gadgets

  • A quick historical past
  • The {hardware}
  • An instance: pseudorandom byte generator
  • Recommendation

TWELVE: Logic Interfacing

  • CMOS and TTL logic interfacing
  • An apart: probing digital indicators
  • Comparators
  • Driving exterior digital hundreds from logic ranges
  • Optoelectronics: emitters
  • Optoelectronics: detectors
  • Optocouplers and relays
  • Optoelectronics: fiber-optic digital hyperlinks
  • Digital indicators and lengthy wires
  • Driving Cables
  • Some DAC utility examples
  • Converter linearity – a better look
  • Analog-to-digital converters
  • ADCs I: Parallel (“flash”) encoder
  • ADCs II: Successive approximation
  • ADCs IV: delta–sigma

THIRTEEN : Digital meets Analog

  • Digital-to-analog converters
  • Some DAC utility examples
  • Converter linearity – a better look
  • Analog-to-digital converters
  • ADCs I: Parallel (“flash”) encoder
  • ADCs II: Successive approximation
  • ADCs III: integrating
  • ADCs IV: delta–sigma
  • Some uncommon A/D and D/A converters
  • Some A/D conversion system examples

FOURTEEN: Computer systems, Controllers, and Information Hyperlinks

  • Pc structure: CPU and information bus
  • A pc instruction set
  • Bus indicators and interfacing
  • Reminiscence varieties
  • Different buses and information hyperlinks: overview
  • Parallel buses and information hyperlinks
  • Serial buses and information hyperlinks
  • Quantity codecs

FIFTEEN: Microcontrollers

  • Design instance 1: suntan monitor (V)
  • Overview of in style microcontroller households
  • Design instance 2: ac energy management
  • Design instance 3: frequency synthesizer
  • Design instance 5: stabilized mechanical platform
  • Peripheral ICs for microcontrollers
  • Growth setting
  • Wrapup

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