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The Centaur in the Garden is a novel by Moacyr Scliar that tells the story of a young man named Bruno who is half-human, half-centaur. He lives in a small Brazilian town and struggles to fit in with the other residents.

The townspeople constantly torment Bruno because of his unusual appearance, and he finds solace in the company of his mother and grandfather, both of whom accept him for who he is. However, when Bruno’s mother dies, he is forced to leave his home and embark on a journey to find his true identity.

Along the way, Bruno encounters various people and creatures, including a group of centaurs living in a hidden valley. Bruno is drawn to their way of life but also learns that being a centaur is not always easy. The centaurs are constantly at odds with humans, and Bruno must decide whether to stay with his own kind or return to the world of humans.

The Centaur in the Garden is a thought-provoking and emotional tale that explores identity, acceptance, and belonging themes. It is a beautifully written and compelling story that will stay with readers long after they have finished the book.


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Author(s): Moacyr Scliar

Publisher: The University of Wisconsin Press, Year: 1980

ISBN: 0299187845,2003040186


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