The Chemical Bond III – 100 Years Old and Getting Stronger by D. Michael P. Mingos : These three volumes of Structure and Bonding celebrate the 100th anniversary of the seminal papers by Lewis and Kossel. These papers, which formed the basis of the current view of the chemical bond, were published independently in 1916 and have greatly influenced the development of theoretical chemistry during the last century. Their essential ideas, which were initially formulated within classical Newtonian framework, have withstood many experimental tests and proved to be sufficiently flexible to incorporate the newer quantum mechanical ideas, which emerged in the 1920s and 1930s. Most importantly, Lewis’ description of the covalent bond provided a graphical notation and a language for experimental chemists, which enabled generations of chemists to constructively discuss and predict the structures of molecules and graphically represent the course of chemical reactions. The Lewis and Kossel descriptions of chemical bonding are cornerstones of the undergraduate curriculum. They have achieved this pre-eminent distinction by evolving and incorporating a flexible view of chemical bonding, based on the symmetry characteristics and radial distribution functions of atomic orbitals. The development of a universally accepted notation for representing the bonds in inorganic and organic molecules has been particularly significant. Spectroscopic and structural results, which emerged as chemistry incorporated quantum mechanical concepts, provided detailed information concerning the structures of molecules not only in the solid state but also in the liquid and gas phases. These have provided increasingly rigorous tests of the bonding models, which emerged from the quantum mechanical description of the chemical bond.

The Chemical Bond III – 100 Years Old and Getting Stronger by D. Michael P. Mingos

Title: The Chemical Bond III – 100 Years Old and Getting Stronger
Editor: D. Michael P. Mingos
Edition: Structure and Bonding 171
Publisher: Springer Publications
Length: 208 pages
Size: 11.1 MB
Language: English


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