The Greatest Adventure: A History of Human Space Exploration 

The Greatest Adventure: A History of Human Space Exploration pdf

Book Description:

The space race was perhaps the most significant technological contest of the 20th century. It was a thrilling era of innovation, discovery, and exploration as astronauts and cosmonauts were launched on space missions of increasing length, complexity, and danger.
The Greatest Adventure traces the events of this extraordinary period, describing the initial string of Soviet achievements: the first satellite in orbit; the first animal, man, and woman in space; the first spacewalk; as well as the ultimate US victory in the race to land on the moon.
The book then takes the reader on a journey through the following decades of space exploration to the present time, detailing the many successes, tragedies, risks, and rewards of space exploration.

Table of contents :

Title Page
Copyright Page
1. The Reality of Tomorrow
2. First Into Outer Space
3. Into Orbit
4. Stepping Into the Void
5. Tragedy on the Launch Pad
6. Eyes on the Moon
7. One Giant Leap
8. Soviet Setback and Skylab
9. Recovering the Soyuz / Salyut Missions
10. Space Shuttles and the ISS
11. Expanding the Space Frontier
Epilogue: Our Future in Space
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The Greatest Adventure: A History of Human Space Exploration PDF

Author(s): Colin Burgess

Publisher: Reaktion Books, Year: 2021

ISBN: 9781789144604


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